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10 Remarkable New Products from 2019 Outdoor Retailer Snow Show

Every year at the end of January, manufacturers of winter sports products from all over the world come to Denver's Colorado Convention Center to unveil their new ski and snowboard gear that will be released in the next season

Whether you love it Searching for deep powder at the resort, prefering perfectly groomed snow or earning your backcountry tours, the Outdoor Retailer Fair offers you the opportunity to push back the curtain and see the future.

The Outdoor Retailer Show shows hundreds of brands presenting their goods, from the world's largest ski manufacturers to the smallest new outerwear companies you can find. It's an overwhelming amount of new gear, so our team of BLISTER reviewers cut it all down to the top 1

0 most intriguing new products that anyone who likes to ski or drive should know about.

These products should be noted that many of them are emerging trends in the outdoor industry. Although many of these products and trends are new, we have added some links to the currently available products that you can currently find on the market.

K2 Mindbender 108Ti


MindBender 108TI Ski – Men [19659008] K2

$ 749.95

The fastest-growing segment of the ski and snowboard industry is backcountry touring equipment, which allows you to ski mountains with your own strength (or not by chairlift) and then ski on unedged, not passable slopes.

And in view of the interest in lightweight backcountry equipment, many manufacturers have started to also their inhounds skis, boots. Bindings and snowboards – even if this equipment is not used for hiking or mountaineering in the hinterland.

But light equipment may be less tiring and can be carried from the car or bus stop to the chairlift. The fact is that heavier skis, boots and bindings provide superior downhill performance when it comes to smoothing out rough, solid snow and snow better durability and sometimes more security features to offer.

Luckily, we already see some companies th their skis and boards are heavier than they could make them, recognizing that "lightweight" is not better. We understand the reasons for high performance, lightweight Touring but we firmly believe that skis, boots, bindings and boards used in ski resorts (by people with chairlifts) should not be designed to shave as much weight as possible. In too many cases it is an unnecessary and disadvantageous compromise.

The K2 Mindbender 108Ti is a great example of this countertrend. K2 could have made this ski easier, but they did not do it. And this particular ski works very well in 1-2 feet of fresh powder, though it does not feel like a light, sagging noodle when all the fresh pow in the resort is found and harder to drive.

Black Diamond Jetforce Avalanche Airbag Line


Jetforce Tour 26L Backpack

Black Diamond

$ 899.96

Whether you are skiing in the backcountry or snowboarding or you are on Inbounds slopes that are controlled by professional skiers. When we are in snowy mountains, avalanches are always a risk.

In recent years, "airbag" packages have been introduced, in which, if you are caught in an avalanche, you pull a ripcord grip on the package and inflate an airbag that will help you grip the avalanche to keep slip instead of being undermined, which can greatly increase the chances of survival.

Black Diamond launches one of the most diverse avalanche airbag designs next year. Your Jetforce Pro-Pack is inflated by a battery-powered fan and automatically vents after 3 minutes to possibly create a bubble in the event of a spill. In addition, the new Jetforce Pro is even lighter than the previous versions.

To complement the Jetforce Pro, Black Diamond has just released the new Jetforce Tour, which uses a supercapacitor instead of a fan. The supercapacitor (manufactured by Alpride) is much lighter than conventional battery-powered fans and can be charged with standard AA batteries.

Finally, Black Diamond offers the extremely lightweight JetForce UL, which uses a conventional compressed air canister system and has a surprisingly light weight of around one kilogram.

The North Face Futurelight Fabric

For many people, the word "Gore-Tex" is still the only name they trust in terms of weather protection. However, there are a growing number of waterproof / breathable fabrics that not only compete with Gore-Tex, but surpass them in certain categories (such as breathability) while offering comparable protection.

And The North Face has just introduced a new one.

With their new "Futurelight fabric" The North Face strives to combine Gore-Tex, eVent and virtually all other waterproof fabrics there. The North Face claims that Futurelight is as waterproof as Gore-Tex, but with far superior breathability. Because while waterproof fabrics can be great, they can also be horrible if they do not breathe well and you get sweaty on the inside of the jacket, causing you to freeze.

So, when this Futurelight fabric meets the claims of The North Face, it will be one of the (if not the) most waterproof / breathable high performance fabrics on the market.

Moment Wildcat Tour


The Wildcat Tour 108


$ 769.00

Trend Alert: More Playful Backcountry Tours

As backcountry skiing becomes more popular, it's not just serious mountaineers and those who want to explore steep technical peaks that are getting out of hand , Instead, we see more people driving into the backcountry to drive gentler lines, find fresh snow, and play around on the way down. Whether they are entering an existing market or driving the expansion of the market, more and more companies now offer lightweight touring skis that are much more playful.

French brand Black Crows (which happens to be one of the hottest brands in skiing) publishes its Ferox Freebird; Moment Skis from Reno-Nevada offers the Wildcat Tour 108 and Wildcat Tour; and LINE Skis introduces their new Vision 98 and Vision 108. With these skis, you can effortlessly dive deep into the backcountry and then have the most fun on the descent, even if you're more interested in the mountains than rolling them down.

Dalbello Lupo Air

Whether the explosion of interest in backcountry tours is a good thing or not is up for debate. The unquestionable fact, however, is that companies have been trying to bring more new backcountry products to the market, lighter than ever before, while providing better downhill performance than ever before.

An example of this is the new Dalbello Lupo Air. A ~ 1300 grams of ski touring shoe (that's crazy lightweight) with a given flex of "130" (that's pretty stiff). New and lighter ski touring bindings were introduced by Fritschi (the more minimalist Xenic 10) and Marker (the carbon-threaded V-Werks Kingpin, which comes with titanium bolts). And traditional backcountry brands like Dynafit make lighter-weight, down-facing products like the Hoji Free shoe that are still lightweight but allow for a tough ski jump. Exceptional ski is, in my opinion, one of the best skis ever made in each category. However, the 88mm wide Brahma is currently the closest ski in Blizzard's "All Mountain Freeride" form. Next year, the skis will be extended with a narrower 82mm foot version of the ski, which should grip snow groomers a bit better with a very firm grip, and (possibly) should feel even faster in mogul pistes. And to put it bluntly, there are many ~ 80mm wide skis that are NOT good mogul slopes, often because they have very wide tips and tails, which are beneficial when carving on snow groomers, but play a role in moguls. The 88mm wide Brahma and the new 82mm wide Brahma both feature forms that work well in moguls, but this new, narrower Brahma offers the potential for enhanced carving performance.

Line Outline

Several years ago DPS introduced the "Spoon" – an extremely wide powski that had beveled edges on the tips and tails to allow the ski to loosen, move and "surf" in deep snow. Then Atomic came out with its own settings to the beveled tips and tails, and Armada too. But next year, Line brings out two skis with really convex tops and tails – not just beveled edges, but a fully rounded tip and tail. Designed by pro-skier Eric Pollard, the new Line Outline and Sir Francis Bacon are designed so you can effortlessly play around in the powder and not get stuck in deep snow.

Nordica Promachine 115 W


Promachine 115 Ski Boot – Women


We know many women who are very good skiers and women who go skiing a lot , had far too few options when skiing, it's about ski boots as strong as they are. We're excited to see more shoe manufacturers launch stiffer, more supportive women's boots, such as the Nordica Pro Machine 115 W, the Salomon S / Max W 120 and Atomic Hawx Ultra 115 W. women's footwear, which are available in smaller sizes and flex patterns that are stiffer than "110" have been in demand for some time, and it's great to see the brand recognize this.

Patagonia Snowdrifter Kit (Men & Women)

Usually, waterproof cups were rippling, loud and generally just not that comfortable. But Patagonia's new Snowdrifter kit changes that. The proprietary fabric of the Snowdrifter is completely waterproof, yet extremely soft, supple and quiet. Combine this with the Snowdrift's generous yet sharp-looking fit, and the Snowdrifter is a really attractive option for skiers and snowboarders looking for comfort.

Smith I / O Mag Goggle Lineup


Io Mag Adult Snow Goggles

Smith Optics

$ 189.95

Just a few years ago, the Anon brand (owned by Burton) introduced eyewear with lenses attached to the frame via magnets. And if you had bet that this was just a temporary fad or gimmick, you would have lost money. Because glasses with integrated magnets are now manufactured by most eyewear manufacturers. Now, Smith, Giro, Sweet Protection, and even some low-end brands like Glade and Zipline offer magnetic lens swap frames that make it easy to change lenses than ever before. Smith even launches the 4D Mag, a magnetic lens with a lens that extends under the frame to magnify the field of view.

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