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10 best oblique exercise movements for amazing abs

While we love good abdominal training, a killer core is not just about a flat stomach. (See: Why it's important to have a strong core) This also means that you pay attention to your pages or, in particular, your biased pages. Strong Obliques (which are built up by a slanted workout like the following) improve your posture, support your lower back and make you feel streamlined around your midsection. In addition, cut-outs and crop tops in the fashion world are still strongly represented – and they are perfect for showing chiseled slopes.

Crunches do you no favors here. We approached trainers with diseased abdominals from all over the country to share their best oblique training movements. (Also try these 4 weird exercises from J.Los Trainer.) Get ready to sweat!

Here's how it works: Perform these oblique exercises once for a killer-oblique workout, or select your favorite and put them into your normal everyday life.
You will need: a 1

2- to 15-pound kettlebell, plyo box or other raised surface, set of 5-10 pound weights. Optional: small exercise ball (which you can also use for these advanced abdominal and oblique exercises).

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