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10 Best Face Shields To Buy Online Now

best face protection

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Now that face coverings have become a standard part of everyday life, people are branching out – and playing with the idea of ​​what constitutes face covering. You may even have seen people wear these plastic face shields on a surgical level. But even if face shields appear on the right side of the safe, you want to make sure that you are using them properly, if at all.

“The CDC does not recommend face shields as a substitute for masks or face coverings,” says Dr. John Whyte, WebMD’s chief medical officer. “Face shields can provide more protection, particularly around the eyes, but wearing them alone is not recommended.” If you’re trying to keep breathing as safe as possible while out and about, a face shield can add another layer of protection, but it shouldn’t be yours just Protection class. Keep the cotton mask on.

“One problem with face protection is that particles of breath can leak out, especially when you cough,” Whyte says. “There is currently no data to show that they are more effective than masks at reducing the spread of COVID.”

But that doesn’t mean they can’t be helpful at all. Whyte points out that they can help people prevent touching their faces, an important element of prevention recommended by the CDC. Anecdotally, I’ve seen friends in the social arena who double up with a mask and face shield when they have to fly. As Whyte says, some airlines don’t allow you to wear face shield alone.

“When you’re on a crowded airplane, a shield might not be a bad idea for that extra layer of protection – with the mask,” says Whyte. “Face shields shouldn’t be used on babies or newborns. If they crack, throw them away.”

As with all COVID protocols, research is ongoing – however, there is no current evidence that a face shield is as safe as a face mask. So, if it prevents you from touching your face or if you feel better knowing there is another layer of protection, go for it. Just remember that your mask is the cake and the shield above is the icing on the cake.

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Polaroid STAYSAFE2 face shield

Brands pan around in safety and we love to see them. Polaroid has made an adjustable protective shield that fits over glasses and has a curve that is optimized to prevent fog from being created by breathing.

IMG full face protection

If all you want is a one-time use sign, this $ 7 sign is made for just that. Or keep it in your pocket in case you ever feel uncomfortable outside of your home.

Sunzel Face Shields 10 pack

If you’re stocking up for family or just feeling more secure in a situation you (hopefully not) find yourself in, you can grab a simple pack of 10 from Amazon.

Garrett Leight face shield

Garrett Leight has been making some of our most reliable (and stylish) sunglasses for years and has brought some technology to offer your face extra protection. The brand also donates shields to health care workers.

WeFidget Full Face Shield 2-pack

Forehead sweat is real (especially in summer) and these face shields use a neoprene rubber cushion around your head to prevent sweat from entering your screened room.

Exgreem face protection

These shields are the most popular types on the market and have been used for various types of protection for years. Good for anyone who’s just in the mood for grocery shopping is like open heart surgery.

TookMag Full Sun Cover 5-pack

These face shields are another good pack. They are fog free and are tied at the back for the best possible fit.

Vistaprint face shield

This face shield has a thick, comfortable elastic head strap that makes it easy to wear. The plastic has a lot of surface for optimal protection.

Removable CYB full face hat

You might just want that extra layer of protection when you are in close contact with people or on that dreaded air travel. This is attached to an inconspicuous baseball cap.

ViruShield Ghost 3 Pack


$ 19.99

Let innovators find smart ways to stay safe. This ViruShield is a mixture of mask and face protection. It stays tight on your face instead of using straps around your ears.

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