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10 best backpack sleeping bags of 2020

best backpack sleeping bag

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There is nothing better than the memories you have of escaping everyday life and enjoying the beauty of nature on a camping trip. Take it from every camping lover – the further you immerse yourself in nature, the more magical the experience will be. While sleeping under the stars with a few friends at a designated campsite next to an army of SUVs can be an explosion, it is not necessarily conducive to really escaping modern life and bringing it back to the essentials. Backpacking, i.e. hiking to the perfect place to set up a tent and marvel at your surroundings and carry everything you need with you, is the perfect way to really communicate with the great outdoors.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of ​​hitting the trail instead of the road, but aren’t backpacking yet, or need a little refresher on packing, keep in mind that choosing items based on weight is key. The items that are generally the most difficult to carry in your backpack are tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag. As a rule of thumb, choose the lightest sleeping bag you can get away with.

A good weight for a backpack sleeping bag is under or around 3 pounds or even under 2 pounds for the ultimate streamlined packaging. The other properties that play a role in choosing the best sleeping bag for camping are warmth and shape. A temperature is specified in all sleeping bags, which indicates the coldest temperature they should withstand. In general, however, you’ll feel more comfortable choosing a sleeping bag whose temperature is about 10 degrees below the expected weather.

The shape of the bag also affects the warmth. Mummies or super-waisted models are ideal for trapping body heat and are a must for cool night temperatures, while a classic rectangular quilted version is better suited for warmer nights.

Backpacking is not a weightlifting competition. No matter how in good shape, remember that lighters are better and try to reserve your energy for swimming in pristine lakes and climbing breathtaking views instead of carrying a super-heavy backpack.

The prices can vary greatly depending on the style and material. However, we have included some of the best backpack sleeping bags for every budget in our favorites list, so you have no excuse to spend the next weekend indoors.

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REI Co-op Magma 15 sleeping bag

REI sleeping bags are fan favorites, and this strikes the right balance between weight and warmth and is considered one of the lightest and warmest sleeping bags. It’s approved for temperatures up to 15 degrees and its customized silhouette helps make the most of body heat. It is also ultralight and packable and offers the best of both worlds.

Field & Stream Leisure 50 ° F sleeping bag


$ 29.99

The spontaneous camping trip takes place this weekend and you and your group of five friends need a few digs outside. Look no further than this ultra-cheap quilt style, one of the best backpack sleeping bags under $ 100. It’s single-ply, which means it’s light and ideal for warm weather. It can even be opened and attached to another of its kind for extra spaciousness.

Nemo Equipment men’s 35 reg sleeping bag

Nemo sleeping bags offer a great place to rack your brains at night. Ideal if you are new to camping. This mummy or sleeping bag has been specially designed to provide enough space for side sleepers to rest comfortably. It’s not filled with down, hence the budget price, but it does offer a synthetic alternative that Nemo claims to trap heat just as effectively. It is very popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

Illuminated equipment revelation sleeping bag


$ 280.00

While mummy sleeping bags are ideal for warding off cool nights, a classic quilt style really exudes in summer when you want to open up to enjoy the night air. This version is like a mix of both, so you can open it like a blanket when it’s hot, or pull it close to your body in the cold thanks to an adjustable zippered footrest. It is packed with 850 filling.

Western mountaineer Puma Super MF sleeping bag

For the mountain lover who knows that backpacking is a year-round sport, the Puma Super MF by Western Mountaineering is the right choice. It is one of the best 0 degree sleeping bags, the performance of which is approved for temperatures down to -25 degrees. A cozy mummy style with 850 down insulation, while a waterproof shell fights moisture and frost.

Oaskys Camping sleeping bag

When it comes to equipment, it is easy to go crazy shopping, so inexpensive items are handy, especially if you are a beginner and are familiar with all the basics. This no-frills sleeping bag is suitable for warmer months and even allows you to open the foot area to cool off. It’s one of the not as light products as most on our list, but it makes up for the price and is one of the best backpack sleeping bags under $ 100.

Marmot Nanowave 45 sleeping bag

The Marmot Nanowave is our pick for the best ultra-light sleeping bag under $ 100. It is super packable and space-saving – a must for your next backpacking adventure. It is made from synthetic but high-quality Spirafill for solid warming in the cold and can be opened completely to become a breathable blanket when warm.

Big Agnes Lost Dog 15 sleeping bag

Combining a sleeping bag with a sleeping pad is the key to comfort so you get the rest you deserve even when you sleep on the floor. This sleeping bag is equipped with a special cover, such as. For example, a fitted sheet so you stay connected to the pad all night long without running the risk of rolling. Why didn’t we think of it? The synthetic down is completely recycled.

Kelty Tuck 22F degree mummy sleeping bag

Despite its wallet-friendly price, the Kelty Tuck sleeping bag offers many great features, such as: B. a zippered suction tube to prevent outside air from getting into your bed. A thermal comfort hood also helps you to store body heat on cold nights.

Kolibri UL 20/30 sleeping bag

feathered friends.com

$ 509.00

This Hummingbird sleeping bag with 950 fill power down offers superior warmth with the lowest possible weight. It is waterproof but breathable and available in the 20 degree and 30 degree versions. Make your choice based on your desired backpack climate. This technical sleeping bag has been maintained for years and lasts for years.

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